The human body can be an instrument for creating work of art or a canvas for wearing it. 
With my ArtShop I, Pia, invite you to be my walking, living canvas.

The art I have made for years has demanded to overcome different shames & fears. Through art I often expand myself. I share my weaknesses & joy with a larger audience. Often spontaneously.
I'm creating on the basis of what I experience & feel, and try to be free from judgement while doing it. Often the shifting of boundaries in me is intertwined with wildness & conservatism.

Art came into my life through art studies in the Uni. It started with classical paintings, murals & involved with practicing digital art & illustrations. I love all art forms. 
The biggest breakthroughs in life & in me have come from learning how to not be influenced by beliefs that do not serve me.
Attention in my life & also in my creation is greatly focused on sexuality & relationships. Human body & soul. I appreciate people who are sincere & honest both in their beauty & pain. Who are eager to ponder over their own & lifes existence. To understand themselves, develop & grow.

It's a beautiful thing to have you here with me to enjoy my creation.

Thank you